Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Bucket

What is a bucket used for? It is for filling and pouring out. A process that you do again and again. So, this bucket list is about life, not death! I think it might be interesting to see how much my bucket will change over the years. I am blessed to have already accomplished so many things like go to college, get married, have kids, run my own company, photograph Paris, shop NYC and get a tat designed by Jeremy. Now I figure it’s time to fill up my bucket again and make a revised edition (in no particular order)!

1. Finish college and become a High School Creative Writing and English teacher. (Yes, I know I’m weird.)
2. Go skydiving at age 85. This way, if I die, at least it will be at a ripe old age and all my kids will be grown. My goal though is to skydive again at age 102 to beat the world record and make it into the Guinness book.
3. See Jeremy walk his daughter(s) down the aisle…and help plan the weddings!
4. Lead worship in a stadium. I have had this recurring vision for several years.
5. Say hello to Reba. I need to ask her what her next hairstyle will be, so that I can steer clear. We always end up with the same one.
6. Sing and hang out with Darlene Zschech. A mentor relationship would be nice!
7. Sell landscape portraits to fund my travel desires.
8. Learn to sew. I want to make and distribute luxury satin shower caps to boutiques as a hobby.
9. Record a praise and worship album.
10. Get laser hair removal, breast implants, teeth whitening and a face lift…Javin doesn’t want me to have wrinkles, ever.
11. Collectively run a high-profit family business that will leave a legacy.
12. Host a radio talk show.
13. Compile my written blogs over a lifetime into a hardbound book to be passed down to generations.
14. I would love to hear Javin fulfill the word that was spoken over him in the womb….“out of the mouth of babes”. I believe that he will prophesy to nations and great leaders. That is something I definitely want to live to see!
15. Lead worship as a family.
16. See all of my kids develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and live a blessed life that bears fruit.
17. See and chat with an angelic host in the physical realm.
18. Attend Brittany’s ribbon cutting ceremony for her non-profit organization.
19. Attend Roman’s college graduation. It will be interesting to see what he finally decides on!
20. Own a home big enough to meet our needs and satisfy our wants all without overextending our budget. It will be a safe haven full of love and everything needed to entertain and keep the kids coming back to visit.

Whew! That’s a lot to get done! I'm gonna need a bigger bucket.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Home Remedy Oddities and More

Here at the Tucker household we have had everything from sinus infections, viruses and seasonal allergies to strep throat, bronchitis/pneumonia and pink eye…all within the last 6-8 weeks! And I am pretty sure that we have tried every home remedy known to man given the many suggestions we were blessed with!

Have you ever heard of boiling peppercorns for sinus relief? Did you know that you can put Vicks on your feet to breathe easier? What about good ol’ whiskey for that cough? Got dry lips and no chapstick, so what can you do? Well, we have tested them all, and here is our top 10 to be deemed most effective:
1. Mucinex DM - Hands down, one of the best over-the-counter congestion meds on the planet at about $13-$15 per box. You cannot use the generic brand though because the percentage of the active ingredient is different. Highly recommended by my doctor…and my dad.
2. Vicks Vapor Rub – This is still my favorite home remedy year after year. Apply to your chest and back for immediate relief. It is even helpful if you put it on the bottoms of your feet with socks. (Thanks, mom for the reminder!) Vicks also makes tissues! Pair them together and you’ve got one happy marriage.
3. Neti Pot – I finally tried it, and I concur that while it may shorten the sinusitis, I believe it serves better as a method of prevention if you are going to use it on a regular basis. I did not find immediate relief, but I do think the product works. Word to the wise: Don’t use too many salt packets thinking it will expedite relief. You will only end up with a severe burning sensation in your sinus cavity and the taste of ocean water dripping down your throat for 2 days. One packet works fine.
4. Whiskey – I am 28 years old and just had my first taste of this beast. I mixed a shot of it with hot tea to which I later added honey. It was not as dreadful as I expected, nor did it perform as expected. As a short term or immediate solution to a nagging, unrelenting cough, it worked wonders in breaking the cycle. Unfortunately, after about 5-10 minutes, my cough came back, though noticeably more subdued. No, it did not make me sleep. So, after my one night stand, I ended up going back to my faithful friend, Nyquil.
5. Boiled Peppercorns – Boil about 3-4 whole peppercorns in a minimal amount of water and add honey, basil leaves and/or lemon to the mixture. It is supposed to clear your head out rather quickly. Maybe this will work for you, but we did not receive any legitimate benefit from it other than soothing a hoarse and over-tired throat. Now if you chew them after boiling, that’s a different story, but you might want to chase it with some milk! The health benefits are numerous and they aid in digestion and fat cell breakdown. I think I might start eating some each day! Google it. You’d be surprised.
6. Zyrtec – Javin would be miserable without it. His allergies get so bad that he can’t even function. After trying multiple allergy meds, this is a life-saver. I buy the generic brand, no difference but the price! What’s even better is that Zyrtec also makes eye drops. Praise the Lord!
7. Benadryl - The only downside to the 24hr Zyrtec is that it has usually worn off after about 12-15 hours, so we end up given Javin half of a Benadryl at night which is a nice compliment to his vaporizer. Brittany also uses Benadryl as a great sleep aid on occasion. It is proven to be safe and non-habit forming like some sleeping pills according to her doctor.
8. Pink Eye Relief – A cold, damp washcloth will provide relief to those suffering from pink eye. Remember to get a fresh cloth each time you lay it over your eyes and be sure to keep hand sanitizer around! Visine helps with the redness. You can stick it out if it’s viral, but you will need to get antibiotic drops if it’s bacterial.
9. Fresh Hot Salsa (from Manny’s, of course!) - Here is what Roman learned the hard way: Do NOT eat hot salsa if you have a bad case of strep. Nothing will help ease the pain by that point, so just go ahead and cry. You may as well just drink the Chloroseptic spray and hope for the best. Live and learn, baby! Fresh Salsa does, however, help to clear your sinuses and has even been proven to aid in the prevention of heart disease and multiple forms of cancer including colon and prostate! Eat up!
10. Chapped Lips – Can’t find the chapstick? Did the dog eat it again? Then try this. It may seem a little gross, but it works. Don’t lick your lips because that will only dry them out more. Instead, take your finger and rub it on the oily parts of your face (i.e. sides of nose, around mouth, behind ears, t-zone, etc…hopefully you are clean) and then rub it on your lips. That’s as natural as it gets!

I hope these little tidbits help you out in this brutal cold and allergy season! Much love from the Tuckers! Let us know if you have any other great home remedy ideas. We’d love to give them a try!