Friday, April 29, 2011


Recently, I overheard Javin and Kadi talking about their different spiritual gifts. What an interesting conversation to eavesdrop on! Javin was explaining that his gift was that he could see things in the spirit realm---like demons. He went on to tell her that my gift was a “demon-saver or demon-catcher.” Of course, I was chuckling in the background. Javin said that when he sees one, he tells me and we both take authority over it. Just then, he noticed me standing there and asked, “What is my gift called again?” I responded with “discernment,” and he finished elaborating. I could tell that Kadi was beginning to get frustrated and started to cry, but I didn’t know why until she blurted out that she didn’t know what her gifts were.

In the meantime, we were rushing to get out the door and off to school, so unfortunately I had very little time to console her. My brain was already going 90 miles a minute, thinking and planning out the day, but Kadi stopped me and made sure she had my full attention. She asked me to make a list of her spiritual gifts for her. That was the most precious and sincere request ever! My daughter was basically asking me what “good” I saw in her, what her strengths were. Now, I was convicted but thankfully recognized the importance of the moment that almost slipped by.

I sat down today and really began to think about each child and what makes them unique. I ♥ love lists, so I was delighted to write a few! After coming up with several spiritual gifts for each one, I decided to mention the top 3 that I see as prevalent right now. I think it will be neat to see how these pan out over the next several years as they seek to discover their own independence and their own ministries. And whether that’s in a church or corporate America, I know that God will use each of their gifts mightily. I also noticed some secondary gifts that I believe will eventually become prominent as they each mature and begin to operate in them more diligently. Here is what I came up with:

Roman-Giving, Helps, Mercy
Brittany-Discernment, Mercy, Leadership
Javin-Prophecy, Discernment, Word of Wisdom
Kadi-Leadership, Intercession, Music

I am excited that I get to use this rare opportunity to sit down and teach Kadi about her intrinsic value and what makes her special. I believe it is important to build up your kids and encourage them so that they can grow up highly esteemed and confident in their abilities and callings that have a direct impact on their destinies. I plan to grab every chance I get to mentor Kadi especially while she cares what I think! Technically speaking, the same goes for the rest of the crew whether they ask for it or not though! Lol!

Like Kadi, your child may know they have a gift, but might just need a little help unwrapping it. How fun! What spiritual gifts do you see in your kids?